Quad Vena
Quad Vena integrated DAC amplifier

Heritage of Amplifier Design

Quad amplifiers have always sounded natural and satisfying compared to the competition and the Vena is no exception. This is achieved by low distortion, high signal to noise ratio circuit design, well judged sonic signature, and excellent manufacturing.

One Box Versatility for Today's Digital Sources

What's great about the Vena is that you get this refined sound quality and a full featured product for today's digital technology. It is unusual to get this degree of input and output flexibility and true HiFi sound in one package at this price point; and few manufacturers offer 4 choices of finish to boot! Only a phonostage for a turntable is missing - but there are many inexpensive decent sounding ones available.

Useful power output - 45 W per channel into 8 Ohms

Up to date DAC - 192kHz/24-bit asynchronous

Full set of inputs - analog, digital(coax, optical, USB A and B), aptX bluetooth wireless

Full set of outputs - Speakers, headphone, preamp, digital (coax and optical)

Simple front panel controls and headphone socket

Remote control - volume and input selection

Choice of finishes

Quad legendary sound quality

Sound Quality

Bass is usually the first compromise in lower powered integrated amplifiers but this is not the case with the Vena where the bass is deep, solid and controlled. The midrange is neither forward or receeding and the treble is easy on the ear without loss of detail. The Vena is an amplifier you can copmfortably listen too for a long time. The even handedness of the Vena is in part due to the well designed class A/B amplifier that is the foundation of the amplifier and the highly regarded DAC chip from Crystal Logic; the same one that is used in Quad's platinum level CD player.

Nextel Paint Finish

The slightly fuzzy suede-like nextel paint finish made it's first appearence in a Quad's 606 power amplifier. It makes for a good looking product that adds a touch of luxury and character in the Vena.

Getting the Nod from the Reviewers

"Its muscially informative and engaging....doesn't obviously sound like a compact audio product"
"An extremely impressive piece of equipment from Quad"

Quad Vena back Quad Vena paint Quad Vena gray finish Quad Vena black finish Quad Vena white finish

List Price:    Base model; $899    With housing; $999