The Simaudio 390 combines a preamplifier, DAC, streaming, phonostage and headphone output in one convenient component.

Precision volume control with OLED display

High performance DSD DAC with MQA decoding and HDMI inputs

Wideband 10Hz-200kHz with 125dB Signal to Noise ratio

Ultra low 0.0004%/0.0003% Harmonic/Intermodulation distortion

Multi-room synchronized playback with other Moon products

Stream local digital and analog sources

Tidal masters and other high resolution music services

Roon ready device

Advanced menu configuration including phonostage settings

Firmware upgrades via Ethernet

Low power consumption Standby modes

Connect just about anything

The Moon 390 is probably the most comprehensive front end control platform for all your analog and digital sources in the market place today. Using the very latest circuit design and manufacturing the performance from this one component is simply stunning. Add a Moon by Simaudio amplifier, or monoblock amplifiers using the variable level outputs, or use the fixed level outputs to connect to an existing integrated amplifier. Balanced and unbalanced outputs offer the flexibility to connect to other brand power amplifiers.

Command and Control

The multifunction OLED screen displays digital signal and streaming information and numerical volume large format when setting the level. A linear digit and half digit step range allows volume level setting with useful precision - deft remote control tapping for narrowly scaled log potentiometers is gone. There can be large volume level differences between digital recordings and precision volume control is especially welcome. A set up menu utilizes the display screen to configure a host of other useful optional and connectivity settings as you might expect from a modern HiFi control component.

Moon by Simaudio 390 display

It is no exaggeration to declare the Moon 390 as comprehensive. A full set of digital inputs are provided; SPDIF, TosLink optical, and both types of USB inputs, along with two ethernet ports, AESEBU balanced digital, a HDMI 4k HDCP 2.2 compliant switch, and bluetooth. So you can hook up laptops, NAS drives, USB drives, CD transports, A/V components, smart phones and more. There is a set of balanced and unbalanced analog inputs and the phonostage is both MM and MC. Two WiFi antennas extend wireless connection. And there is a headphone output. Is there anything missing?

Moon by Simaudio 390 inputs and outputs

The incorporated Simaudio MiND 2 streaming module is also an exciting release launched with this product. It offers a great high resolution streaming experience including MQA decoding and built in access to Tidal Masters, Qobuz Sublime and Deezer HiFi high resolution streaming services. Hardware improvements include a vastly expanded buffer (eleven times the size of the one in original MiND module) for far more robust internet high density real time streaming data. The app conveniently controls input source and volume so doubles up as a remote control.

Yet there is more... The communication protocols now allow for synchronized multi-room streaming to other MiND 2 devices not only digital but analog as well! So you can stream your vinyl records! Additionally you can wake up or put in standby the 390 and other connected Moon system components from the app on your ipad or phone.

Natural Fatigue-Free Sound

The Moon 390 has superb sound quality. The combination of an integrated ultra low jitter DAC board, low latency large buffer streaming module, ultra low distortion short path analog circuits and sophisticated power supplies will reveal textures and tonalities that are more convincingly like the sounds of natural instruments and voices. Frequency related energy distribution shifts, temporal resolution smearing, dynamic high level transient distortions, artificial sound stage, and other effects related to the interconnects used to the power amplifier(s) and mains cable to the unit will be apparent. You will almost certainly want to explore upgrading your existing cables as their aberrations and deficiencies will be exposed!

Despite being an multifunction all-in-one component there is no doubt that it is still a high end performing one

Advanced Manufacturing

The multifunction capabilities of the Moon 390 would not be possible without high density multilayer circuit board design.
The power supplies are shielded and physically separated from the signal circuits.

Moon by Simaudio 390 inside

Moon 390 Based Systems

Simaudio's Moon 330A stereo amplifier and Simaudio's Moon 400A monoblock amplifiers are perfect partners and both have triggers for activation when waking the 390 from standby. With a useful maximum gain of 10dB and 50 Ohm output impedance, the Moon 390 will also drive many other amplifiers. We recommend an all 2-tone system with a pair of 400 monoblocks without hesitation for a totally captivating sound.

Moon by Simaudio 390 inside


With the Moon 390, Simaudio has brought to the market place a product based on well thought out design requirements that comfortably meets the needs of today's customers listening to music in the home. The execution both from a practical and sound quality perspective is exemplary and will provide customers, particularly when part of a complete Moon system, with a lot of satisfaction from pride of ownership and pleasure listening to music.

Compared to the cost of separate components and associated cables, and given the ten year warranty, the functionality, performance, and quality offered here is indeed a praiseworthy achievement.


Moon by Simaudio 390 outside