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Wilson Benesch Vector loudpseakers

Wilson Benesch Curve

The Wilson Benesch Curve Loudspeaker is a popular, affordable, 2.5-way floor standing from the Odyssey range generously tuned for bass energy and based on the original A.C.T. speaker. It is constructed a little more simply than the A.C.T., without the rear spine, slanted top, and with a simplified baffle and base plate. Though not as refined as the A.C.T., overall performance is not far behind since the internal volume and drivers are very similar.

When the Wilson Benesch Curve Loudspeaker was launched, reviewers were surprised with the low distortion, quality, and scale of sound at high volume levels that was previously not thought possible from such modest cabinet dimensions. The advanced carbon fiber A.C.T. monocoque cabinet walls really begin to show their inherent engineering and sonic advantages compared to all M.D.F. traditionally-built cabinets. There is vitality and clarity that is easily appreciated versus all M.D.F. floor standing speakers which sound thickened and colored in comparison.

The Wilson Benesch Curve Loudspeaker is a true linear phase design and this is another reason for its remarkable clarity and vitality. Wilson Benesch was one of the first manufactures to abandon complex cross-overs that introduce voltage/current phase anomalies with resulting distortion of the original audio signal. Both the "Tactic Bass-Midrange" and the "Tactic Bass" drivers are directly connected to the amplifier with integration and roll off controlled by engineering the diaphragm and voice coil masses in conjunction with two separately ported chambers within the cabinet and a single inductor for each driver. The tweeter cross-over is at 5KHz, above the most critical mid-band frequencies, and is a minimal component second order type.

The quality of the materials and components that make up the Wilson Benesch Curve Loudspeaker, are individually and in combination optimized for elimination of resonance giving low noise, high signal to ratio cabinets. Lab measurements are excellent - smooth frequency envelope (35Hz to 24kHz +- 2dB on axis), with high power handling and sound levels (200 watts peak unclipped programme, 109dB at 1 meter maximum spl). Wilson Benesch Curve Loudspeakers sound clean and well articulated preserving the vitality and presence of the music material.

Price: $14,295 $9,995 - Last one Burled Walnut Finish

Wilson Benesch is located in Sheffield England - the traditional home of steel engineering in the UK - and is the only U.K. audio company to have won substantial government funding for its innovative development work.

Wilson Benesch Curve loudspeaker rear view of terminals and base Wilson Benesch Curve loudspeaker driver
Wilson Benesch Curve loudspeaker front view grill off