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Wilson Benesch Vertex loudpseakers

Wilson Benesch Vertex

The Wilson Benesch Vertex loudspeaker, is a high performance integrated stand mount speaker elevating compact two-way woofer/tweeter design to extraordinary levels of acoustic fidelity. The advanced carbon fiber A.C.T. monocoque concept, pioneered in the globally acclaimed Odyssey range of speakers, requires no additional internal bracing. The resulting air volume to cabinet size ratio is outstanding and enables impressive bass reproduction. By bonding a number of carefully selected modern materials with mutual self damping, cabinet vibrations are greatly attenuated.

Wilson Benesch has designed the stand - which conceals the cross over elements - to work in harmony with the cabinet and the integrated structure is secured with high tensile steel bolts. The first order crossover passes transients to the drivers without hindrance and has benign impedance characteristics so that even low power amplifiers can be used.

Two new Wilson Benesch precision drivers are deployed in the Vertex loudspeaker. The powerful Tactic II bass/mid driver maximizes magnetic flux in a close tolerance narrow gap between the voice coil and the rare earth magnets - only possible with the precision manufacturing Wilson Benesch is famous for. Computer modeling of air turbulence behind the driver, optimized the design details of the speaker basket. The Semisphere Tweeter driver has a massive housing weighing over one Kilogramme and features an ultra linear, high power motor with brilliant transient response. Most tweeters start to roll off at about 15kHz but this new tweeter is virtually flat to 30kHz. All the micro-details of the musical signal are preserved with un-interrupted connection from the terminal to the voice coil (In most tweeters the voice coil wire has an intermediate soldered connection before the terminal).

Wilson Benesch Vertex loudspeakers combine low noise high signal to ratio cabinets, fully optimized true linear phase transient response, a well extended and smooth frequency envelope (44Hz to 30kHz +- 2dB on axis), low compression (118dB at 1 meter maximum spl), to give state of the art loudspeaker performance. Wilson Benesch Vertex loudspeakers sound seamless, uncolored, and most importantly very alive. The listener will be drawn into and feel the presence of the music like never before from this compact design.

With no less than 2 standard (titanium and black satin) and 10 optional upgrade finish options (see below) there should be no difficulty in selecting a quality finish to compliment all environments. Wilson Benesch Vertex loudspeakers are hand-built to order with a delivery time of approximately 8 weeks.

U.S Retail Price: $9,500 (standard finishes)

Wilson Benesch is located in Sheffield England - the traditional home of steel engineering in the UK - and is the only U.K. audio company to have won substantial government funding for its innovative development work.

Wilson Benesch Vertex loudspeaker underside view of ports Wilson Benesch Vertex loudspeaker rear view of terminals

Wilson Benesch Vertex loudspeaker front view grill off