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Headphone Amplifiers

New headphones not sounding that great? Just like speakers sound quality is only as good as the signal you send to them. Enjoy your headphones to the max by using the right headphone amplifier.

Headphone users make up a large segment of music listeners. As headphones have steadily improved in quality - especially in the past 5 years - they will reveal the shortcomings of basic headphone outputs in preamplifiers, integrated amplifiers, receivers, and portable music players.

In addition to providing low distortion and a low noise floor, they provide the power to drive the more demanding higher impedance headphones. Headphone amplifiers are available with high quality DACs - far better sounding than the ones in a laptop - and with volume control and ability to drive power amplifiers without the need of a preamplifier. Sophisticated high-end designs feature balanced outputs. Tube designs offer a slightly different listening experience.


We have headphone amplifiers with the means to sustain output for long haul plane flights.

Desktop solutions

You can get much better sound with a headphone amplifier with a high performance DAC than directly plugging into your laptop. Bring your current cans along for a demo.

  • Rega

  • beyerdynamic

  • Simaudio

  • Chord Electronics

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  • Rega Ear

    Rega Ear

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  • beyerdynamic

    beyerdynamic A1

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  • Moon 230HAD

    Moon 230HAD

  • Quad PA1

    Quad PA1

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  • Chord Electronics Hugo

    Chord Electronics Hugo2

  • Chord Electronics Hugo TT 2

    Chord Electronics Hugo TT 2

  • Moon 430HA

    Moon 430HA

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Rega electronics

Moon by Simaudio Quad Chord Electronics Hugo headphone amplifier